Bitcoin Investors Will Make The Prestigious Forbes List

With the unending increase in bitcoin price, bitcoin is now attracting more attention from all over the globe. The prestigious Forbes list that usually consists of most Influential persons, most wealthy/richest and many more might have another room for bitcoin investors/miners.

It seems Forbes have an official Twitter handler that manages the affairs of Crypto currency across the world. This account gives latest updates and news about various happenings in the crypto world. With Forbes now taking closer look at crypto currency and bitcoin been the leader, Forbes might just have a list for crypto investors/miners some day.
For a start, many entrepreneurs have made millions if not billions from investing in bitcoin and with the price set to be on the rise they are only going to make more money from bitcoin. The likes of Bill Gate, Floyd MayWheather have shown support for bitcoin.
If bitcoin investors were to declare their assets, then they might just make the next Forbes list of richest people in the world. Don’t forget that bitcoin is currently worth more than $11,000 and the $12,000 landmark is no longer far away.

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